Young Ty  

Real Name: Tyler Thomas 

Place Of Birth: Akron, OH


About Him: Tyler Thomas, better known as Triple T or Young Ty, is a music artist from Akron/Kent, Ohio. He is the founder of DreamStar Entertainment and he just released a mixtape called The HitMaker Mixtape. Young Ty is a senior in highschool but was a junior when he decided to make his own label. Young Ty is going to college for producing to make his label a major.

 Hard MuthaFucka Ft DraeStar,Trgedy,Lil Tre &Red

Mutha Fucka.mp3

"There's a million stars but only one shines; 

Who am I? Young Ty."

Yung Mac 

Real Name: Lyvonne Ramsey

Place Of Birth: Cleveland,OH


About Him: Lyvonne Ramsey better known as L-Train Or Yung Mac. Yung Mac has been rapping since 7th grade, he started in a group called Dream Team with Young Ty & Lil Tre. By the 8th Grade him and Young Ty change their group name to Braniac Boyz because his name was Yung Mac and Young Ty's name was Lil Brain. As they reach highschool they began a cd called Swag of the Year but they never finished it or followed through with the group. By his junior year he got back in the studio and start making hits. Young Ty loved the songs and signed him. From this day on Yung Mac has improved so much and he is also one of the best performers on the label.




Real Name: Shaun Saunders

Place Of Birth: California

Age: 17 

Shaun Saunders, better known as Gshaun, was born in Cali but raised in Akron most of life. Shaun chose the name Tragedy because he has been through alot of tragic moments in his life, such as a house fire, family issues, and more. Tragedy has learned alot from those bad experiences he has had, so he thought it would be a great idea to take express it through music. Tragedy is always willing to do anything to help him get notice. Tragedy is one of a few white boys that actually go hard. Some people say he has that eminem matality.

Swagg Pro.mp3


Real Name: Zrevon Harris

Place Of Birth: Cleveland,OH


Zrevon Harris also known as Scooby is an artist from Streetsborrow. Zrevon Harris got the name Scooby because he use to always watch and collect Scooby Doo items as a kid, until this day he still likes Scooby Doo. Scooby is a great lyrical artist, he's also great at freestyling and making jokes. Scooby gets motivated easily, all you have to do is tell him he's slacking then he's on the job. If Scooby keeps workin hard he is going to turn out great.

Dorian Brown  

Real Name: Dorian Brown

Place Of Birth: Akron, OH


About Him: Dorian Brown Also Known As D Breezy is a music artist from Kent,Ohio. He Has Had an interview about how he started singing these was his words.

Interview: How I started Singing

Growing up as a kid I never really knew my mom because she passed away when I was five, but I did hear she was a good singer and a drawer. My dad also was a good singer and drawer. But as time passed I was just trying to figure out what my talent was. I thought it was drawing at first when I was in eight grade. But anyways I was over Draestar  house with Tyler Aka Young Ty and we started singing this usher song "Confession Part 1" and from that day on I started to sing. The year was over and I was in highschool I join the choir and everything just experimenting.I wasnt really a big singer or the shinning one in the choir so I started out like everyone in men's chorus. After mens chorus for two years i tried out for choral works at first, As I was trying out I was thinking I wouldn't make it because I wasnt that good of a sight reader, but I made it thankfully. I spent my junior year in Choral works and I also tried out for varsity men which I made. That year was a good year for me It was easier for me to come out of my shell a little bit and do some solos on stage and stuff. Now I realize what I was put on Earth to be. A singer, an artist. -Dorian Brown

 He Ain't Neva Ft Young Ty

She ain't Neva.mp3

"Without Music Life Would Be A Mistake" -Dorian Brown


Real Name: Draeonshai Walker

Place Of Birth: Akron,OH

Age: 18

Draeonshai Walker better known as Drae, is a music artist from Akron/Kent, OH. Drae is a singer, rapper, and a fighter. He will fight for what ever he think is wrong or just because. Drae has a way with words he always come up with some crazy slang word everyone likes. Drae is getting more comfortable with singing. His first time singing in front of a crowd of people was his 10th grade talent show, he was so nervous but he pulled through and gave his self confidence and now singing is like breathing to him.


Real Name: Robin Walker

Place Of Birth: 


Robin Walker better known as Red Yupp is an Female rap artist from Akron. Robin got the name Red because of her hair color. Robin is also Young Ty's barber because she's cold at designs. Robin is performing for the first time this fall, she has been getting slowed down because of her son.  Young Ty says she gone be cold because she can rap on the beat with ease compared to other female artist in the game.



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